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Adobe Acrobat Reader is a mythical file reader in PDF format that surely most users of computers with the Windows operating system will know. That undoubtedly is the absolute reference within its segment. We are talking about an application that can synchronize its operation with that of different web browsers, to perform all kinds of tasks on the files of this format that we can find.

In effect, thanks to this program, you can open all PDF files, besides being able to edit them if you prefer, or send them to a printer to be able to have them also in physical format. If you usually work with PDF files, we do not doubt that Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the software you will have to install on your computer sooner rather than later.

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This application has all kinds of tools to take advantage of our PDF files to the maximum, starting from the already known, such as the magnifying glass that allows us to enlarge the contents and text significantly. But there are others, such as the text selector, the reader aloud so we do not have to read ourselves. You can even add all kinds of notes and comments to your documents not to forget details.

Away from these basic functions, Adobe Acrobat Reader also integrates other more advanced ones that we have found extremely interesting, such as the Protected Mode, which is complemented in turn with other security tools, and that stands out because, thanks to it, we can protect the personal data included in a document of this type, to be sure that no one can steal them.

Then we have the integration of the many compliments and services, thanks to which we can customize most of our viewing experience, edit PDF documents, and save time. A good example is the Adobe SendNow system, which allows us to share the PDF directly by email from this program. That said, you have to consider that you'll need to register an account to access these well-worth benefits.

The Reading modes are another aspect that we felt allows this app to stand out from many of its main rivals. You can read your documents in the way you like, using the full screen of your computer or in the traditional format, among the many available. If you read many documents from your PC, you can be sure there is an ideal way for you.

For the rest, Adobe Acrobat Reader's interface is straightforward and intuitive. We can access all the functions from the different menus or panels that are part of the program and visible in all cases. The visual section is another that has undoubtedly helped to make this option Adobe is considered the best in terms of PDF readers that we can install in Windows.

Even if you do not have too much storage capacity on your computer or know you're going to work later with the same PDF on another computer, you can upload your documents to the cloud that proposes this application. Document Cloud is the section's name that will allow you to share all the files you have created from this service with your other devices to access them anywhere via an Internet connection.

We also have the issue of integrating this system with browsers, which in older versions of Acrobat Reader had been very criticized. We must recognize it has improved thanks to its latest updates significantly. Now it is much more attractive to run some of the functions of this program from the main browsers compared to what happened in the past.

As you can see, the positive elements of Adobe Acrobat Reader are varied, from its ability to view or edit the way we want all our files of type PDF to the many integrated reading modes, synchronization with other add-ons of the company, or protection systems sensitive data. And to all that, we must add that it is a free program.

As for what has least convinced us of this platform, we must highlight almost uniquely the consumption of system resources that makes this program, which is above what one might expect. While it is true that all applications that work with PDF files have an important weight, this is not the lightest alternative that you can find on the market.

In summary, we can say that we recommend that all users who usually work with PDF documents, and even those who are not so common, download this software on their computers. This is the best option that exists right now in terms of viewing or modifying files of this type, and although it has some weaknesses, it still has a huge advantage over its rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader downloadable for Windows 10?
Yes, this software can be downloaded and is compatible with Windows 10.
What operating systems is it compatible with?
This software is compatible with the following 32-bit Windows operating systems:
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP.
Here you can download the 32-bit version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Is it compatible with 64-bit operating systems?
Yes, although there is no special 64-bit version, so you can download the 32-bit version and run it on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
What files do I need to download to install this software on my Windows PC?
To install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC, you have to download the readerdc_en_xa_install.exe file to your Windows and install it.
Is Adobe Acrobat Reader free?
Yes, this program is free so you will be able to use it without any limitations, and without additional cost.
Are there alternatives and programs similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader?
Yes, here you can see similar programs and alternatives.
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