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AbiWord is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word. It has lots of options and it’s free.

AbiWord is an excelent word editing program. With its many features it can make a lot easier the daily job of writing documents.

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AbiWord can read Microsoft Word files, OpenOffice files, RTF files, Wordperfect files, HTML files and many more. This way you are sure that you can edit and read almost any type of text file.

Using AbiWord you won’t miss Microsoft Word. You’ll be able to use charts, lists, images, footnotes, styles and many more features that will enhance the look of your documents.

Another advantage of AbiWord is that you can include dictionaries of up to 30 languages, which is why if you’re a translator you’ll be able to easily correct your documents.

And if all this shouldn’t be enough, you can expand AbiWord using plugins.

Don’t forget AbiWord is free.

by Augusto Baldi

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