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No sweat

So, you deleted it all, right? Who hasn't been there. I mean, you were writing that long and convoluted essay, no sleep at all, a couple of Red Bulls and, all of the sudden, you just pressed that key. Yeah, the DELETE one… And, what now? Is everything lost? Is that the end of the line for you? Well, we would like to say to you, no sweat! At least don't if you have 7-Data Recovery Suite.

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We are referring here to a data recovery software, as the name indeed implies. User-friendly and powerful, it will allow you to recover all of those deleted, damaged or disappeared files. Everybody knows that the human being is imperfect by nature, so, anyone can make mistakes. Usually they might involve deep and unwanted consequences, but, why would you be required to pay the price for being just like nature made you to be?

Well, 7-Data Recovery is here to tell you just to relax, because it will be taking care of your accidental file deletions, partition errors, corrupts file retrieval and fixing hard drives that stopped booting, among other potential situations. It also works with drives and devices of every kind, like USB flash drives, SD cards and mobile phone recovery, id est, anything that can be attached to the computer.

The shape of the help

When talking about the program's interface, we have to accept, it has a clean aspect and a really well-organized structure. Some might call it a Windows 8-type interface, with it's key functions comprised within four buttons, the main menu provides access to the core data retrieval methods:

  • Deleted Recovery: it focuses on files deleted from the Recycle Bin or permanently removed using the "Shift + Delete" key combination (or even files lost recently just for reasons unknown). In other words, it covers the most frequent scenarios;
  • Complete Recovery: it works on items from existing partitions that present some severe conditions, such as corrupt or formatted volume. The most common inherent situation here is Windows suggesting that you should format the disk. How many times have you been there?
  • Hard Disk Partition Recovery: it is the most advanced data-recovery mode, and it is related to situations where there are lost or deleted partitions in various circumstances, like a hard drive crashing or a disk repartitioned. So, if you cannot access a hard drive partition, you know how to solve that now!
  • Digital Media Recovery: it allows you to scan for retrieving photo, video, music and other audio files regardless of media type. You can count on it to help you, as the scan is performed by known signatures and covers most data types.

Did we say four data retrieval methods? In actuality, along with the last versions of the software, a new item was added (Android recovery) which allows the user to recover lost data within Android phones and tablets.

The Hot Stuff

Besides it's minimalist interface that simplifies efforts, it is also an intuitive one that includes a complete help documentation set online with video tutorials in multiple languages. Also, the application is compatible with multiple Windows editions and it has a very successfully recovers-data ratio.

The Not-So-Hot Stuff

One of the main flaws detected here is that the program must be installed. So, what about that, right? Well, even 7-Data Recovery Suite warns you not to install the program on the drive where your lost data was stored, so, wouldn't it just be easier if the program was portable?

Hot or Cold?

In conclusion, 7-Data Recovery Suite will not be disappointing you in case you resort to it when it comes to common file loss scenarios, such as accidental deletion or quick formats. Even though it does not always work as we might expect, the core undelete tool is certainly quick and easy to use. And let's be honest, a diligent application dedicated to recovering files in tragic cases is a truly essential part of any computer user's toolkit. So, in essence, this will be a thumb up from here about this all-in-one data recovery software!

That leaves you thinking though, when the files die, you might think that it is the end of it. Right? So where does it all goes to? We will choose to believe that all of that information goes into some kind of data’s heaven.

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