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WebKit is a platform for browsers, free and open source, which facilitates the development and programming of other softwares.

WebKit is a framework or web browser engine which allows to create applications with special features such as rendering and viewing websites, movement between different sites through links, downloading files, managing extensions and plugins and consultation browsing history, among others.

While WebKit is mainly used for browsers and other software using the Internet, with him also have created text editors, email programs and messaging and RSS readers.

Some of the top of WebKit are complying with international web standards, maintain the code base with a high degree of stability, and improve the use of speed and memory. To accomplish these and other objectives WebKit maintains a public chat room always open where participants can contribute their ideas, suggestions and exchange information with other users.

WebKit uses standards-based technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DOM. This framework is known to be the engine used by browsers Safari, Chrome and Opera, both the desktop version and mobile version.