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Void is a computer game where you play with the past and the present, and with two different worlds.

In order to download this software you must accept the terms presented in the official website and, when you accept Void, the download begins. As an essential requirement, Steam and Source SDK Base 2007 must be installed on the computer in order to install Void. So, if they are not installed, you must download them before running Void.

The protagonist of the game has a viewer through which he can see the past. As the game scenarios are ruins of a museum, the protagonist can see the splendor this museum had years ago through the viewer.

The goal in Void is to find a way out of this museum in ruins. To do so, there is a key component: a glove that has the power to bring the past to the present and allows you to see what was there before, where now there are only remains. This glove also has the power to create bubbles which build bridges or steps between different platforms so that you can make progress in finding the exit.

With an excellent graphic quality and a very good level of details, Void is a gripping game where the differences between the two worlds play a crucial role in overcoming the difficulties and jump over the obstacles. The player must pay close attention to the differences and make comparisons constantly in order to get away with it in the game.

More than a game, Void is a new concept of game, where the action takes place on two levels and where Victorian aesthetics converge with a futuristic vision.