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Vistalizator is a software to change the language of the Windows operating system. If you purchased a computer abroad or language that brings the default operating system is not the one you prefer to use, you can change Vistalizator smoothly.

Vistalizator replaces the default language installed on the computer for which you want to use in a few minutes, and you can choose from nearly 60 different languages. No need to install the program, but that we need only run.

If the computer you use has different user accounts, Vistalizator can change the language from one account only, or you can assign different languages to different user sessions. This is a very convenient if you want to use your computer with more than one language. In this way, you can simply log out and enter the other to work with the other language.

Until recently, only the Ultimate edition of Windows allowed to change the language, but thanks to Vistalizator you can also do it in the other editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Professional. In this way, no matter which edition you have, you can change the language without drawbacks.

As the change is made in the operating system is recommended to read the instructions properly for all language changes. For now, Vistalizator only available for Windows versions Vista and Windows 7, including 64-bit.