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TrackIT is a computer repair service software to track the computer repair process.

In the market there are plenty of programs to keep track of customers, repair orders, etc. These programs tend to be complex and expensive. TrackIT stands out for its simplicity as well as its functionality, since with a very clean and clear interface allows us to control of all repair services.

Despite the simplicity of the program, we can track and record all necessary data of the repair services. We can track:

  • Information about our company. Name, address, data, etc. In this screen we can also manage users that are going to make use of the application.
  • Clients. We can insert name, phone, email, address and preferred contact method.
  • Reception of repair. Here we can enter data we are going to carry out. Computer problems, any visible damage on the computer, date input, person in charge of the service, place where we are going to store the computer while it is repairing, etc.
  • Repair Status. In this section we can see the status repair and the tasks that have been performed since its reception. Thus we can report to the client the progress in reparation.

The software is designed to be fast and use few PC's resources, so we can use in almost any computer that has Windows installed and does not have more than 7 years.

You can download the 30-day demo version and try it.

Important: When installing TrackIT you should enter a the password: trackit.