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The Spirit Engine 2 is a free videogame about action with a social component.

The Spirit Engine 2 is based on Madea, a world governed by the Rakari, an ancient race and with superpowers. The people are comfortable with their domain, but some Lereftain citizens, one of the most peaceful and advanced nation of the planet, show distrustful of his power.

Unfortunately, there are shades of evil that threaten the peace of Madea: some occult organizations that wish to generate conflict through the rumors, assassinations and actions not unveiled.

The player of The Spirit Engine 2 has three personalities and will count with nine characters (divided into three groups) to start to enjoy this videogame. This versatility makes the game have multiple possibilities and that each character is unique, like their decisions and actions.

In The Spirit Engine 2, the character will interact with fellow travelers, discuss decisions to take and analyze their own vision of the conflict. Its companions range is from an attractive woman who cares little about its future until a monk with a dark side, and a retired soldier. As the facts develop and the links come to establish, the story will turn to one side or another.

Each character, as progress through the game, adds skills and abilities to fight the battles that are on the way. Each fight required a different strategy and with each chapter will bring new and unexpected elements. The videogame has graphics that highlight the color and sharpness of the scene, such as the traits of the characters, which have the component of the anime.

The Spirit Engine 2 is available only in English. It has an interesting script and powerful dialogues between characters, plus a unique musical band created especially for this game, which transforms it into a game where mental capacity stands out from physics.