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Stream Torrent is a software application for watching TV over the internet.

If you don’t want to miss any football match, any sport event, the concert of your favorite artist that is being broadcast in other country or a premium sport game that you can’t watch in you country, then Stream Torrent is what you need since through this application you will have access to hundreds of TV channels.

Stream Torrent uses P2P technology to stream videos online. This streaming application can broadcast real time video and audio online without downloading files to be played.

Stream Torrent is used by thousands of users worldwide who share the sending and receiving of data at the same time; thus, the more people are watching the same channel and sharing the connection, the fastest and stable the transmission is.

Through Stream Torrent you can access many television networks such as HBO, BBC, ESPN, Fox Sports and ESPN 360 as well as radio stations. You can select the networks either by pre-selection or by keyword. The list of available television networks loads quickly and displays information about the video reception quality and the number of connected people who are watching that channel.

Thanks to its intuitive easy-to-use interface program, it will be extremely easy for you to use Stream Torrent. So all you have to do is search for your favorite event and enjoy it.