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StarUML is an excellent option to those who are familiarized to UML and MDA systems.

StarUML is an open code project proposal, which by its UML 2.0 e MDA architecture allows users to work in projects related to diagram systems.

It’s necessary to mention that the software has a very strong and stable base, since is based in MDA technology, or Model of Directed Architecture. The action field to StarUML is very wide and specific ate the same time, since it has the capacity to generate codes for C , C#, Java and all Microsoft Office Suite, so it can cover with no doubt at all Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel e Microsoft PowerPoint.

So this is how series of plug-ins can be added to StarUML, which makes possible an applicative with even more possibilities, this plug-ins can be executed with commands and as spreadsheets, making that more codes can be generated to make possible to accomplish more actions with the applicative.

A practical example of what could be done with StarUML, is the fact of taking the spreadsheets from another applicative that is in your installation file, and modify them as you wish, something that presents lots of functionality for those who wish to vary some elements in this applicative, it’s also possible to create your own spreadsheets to be integrated to this applicative.