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    Speedtest.net is an application to measure the bandwidth of the Internet connection on your computer or smartphone.

    Speedtest.net is available to run directly from the browser on your computer as well as an application to download and install on iPhone and Android mobile phones. No need to create user account or login to use this software, but if you do, you'll get more functionality than an anonymous user.

    To begin testing the bandwidth of your DSL is necessary to introduce some Speedtest.net data as the time zone and the country where you are. This only have to do it the first time you use the application as it remembers the data entered for the following queries. This application will provide information about the ping, upload speed and download speed.

    Speedtest.net performs comparisons between ADSL service providers and compare the speed of upload and downloading. With this, you'll know if your ADSL service provider is meeting the bandwidth promised in the contract.

    Speedtest.net is very easy and quick to use and is an excellent complement to always know the status of the Internet connection. You can also share in social networks analysis result and compare it with other users and ADSL service providers.