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      Slipstream is a simulator of vehicles races in real time with free download.

      What's innovative about Slipstream, compared with other kind of race games, is that besides of cars there are also bicycles and motorcycles, and m other vehicles that can ride in a racetrack.

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      Slipstream besides of being a simulator allows studying the dynamic of the vehicle that was created to play, because in Slipstream you create the car or the motorcycle. Those creations are modeled as interconnected groups of moveable pieces.

      The whole models of the vehicles are parametric and this quality allows that from the configuration of the chassis the suspension, the motor and the transmission are created to give the whole structure a coherent mobility.

      Besides of a game, Slipstream can also be used for study or investigation, for the great playability that gives in the knowledge of the dynamic of a vehicle. As well as in the analysis of the terrain, that includes variables of length, curvature, raising and slope.

      Slipstream can also be used as animation tool, because the picures can be exported from the vehicle created to give it a didactic, educative or recreational use.

      Slipstream is an open code program, that’s why it is in constant development and change and the same player can introduce changes to the game.

      by Augusto Baldi

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