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Shutdown Timer is an application that will allow you to perform some actions related to the closing of the system to control the power consumption of the computer.

Shutdown Timer is a Shutdown Timer with a user interface that is simple, user-friendly and easy to understand and use. As it is completely portable, you can also take it on a disk, for example a USB, wherever you want.

You will be able to determine what time you want the system to shutdown, restart, close session, block, get into standby mode or hibernate.Shutdown Timer also saves these configurations in case you want to use them again in the future.

It is a very useful application for those who download files from the Internet and who want to save energy if they leave home, in this way they can set the shutting down of the PC for the moment the file ends downloading.Shutdown Timer is also practical for those parents who want to control the time spent by their children in front of the PC.