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Scanner is a simple program that displays a graph showing free and used space in Windows hard drives.

It is quite common that hard disks run out of space and we don't know exactly which files to delete to free up space. This usually happens because we don't have a control over files that we download and store on PC. To locate and delete unnecessary files, we can navigate through the file system looking for files or directories that make use of most hard disk space, and delete them. This task would be very laborious and time-consuming. It is convenient to have a program that assist us in the task of freeing up space.

Scanner analyzes PC storage units and displays a sunburst chart, where directories and files are represented according to the size they use in hard disk. This way we will be able to identify quickly which are the files or directories that are taking up more space on hard disk. We can navigate throught chart, so we will be able to click on any chart folders, and go to a new chart that represents the space used by files contained in that folder. The graphic representation and directory navigation, make that we can easily locate those files that are taking up a lot of space, and maybe we didn't knew that were stored on hard disk.

The program includes the ability to empty recycle bin, and brings a direct access to the Windows function “Add Remove Software” , where we will be able to remove those programs that are no longer used.

The program is free, takes up less than 250kb and it's portable, that means, that it requires no installation and can be executed from any USB device, or external drive.

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