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PortableApps is a type of applications collection that includes Internet navigator, e-mail client, ofimatic package, calendar, instant messenger, antivirus, audio reproducer, countersigns administrator, ODF files reader, a tool of security copy and even games... all them preconfigured to be taken in a portable device, and to be executed from a specially designed menu.

How many times have you wanted to have a computer available that has all the applications that you use daily? Now, thanks to the portable programs, you can take with you an USB memory loaded with applications that you can execute in any computer, without installing them. All you have to do is connect the device to the port, and use the program that you need.

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With PortableApps, you will be able to take your favorite applications, with their respective markers and configuration. This means only to execute them from any computer and have full access to the programs just as you use them in your system. When you finish using it, you simply have to extract the portable device, and it won't be any rake type or personal information left in the computer that you have used.

PortableApps provides an open platform that works in any device: memoirs USB, iPods, portable hard disks, etc.). All included applications are free and of open code, so can be used without restrictions.

The integrated applications package contained in PortableApps and its platform are totally gratuitous. Miraculous and fortunately, they don't contain spy programs neither not requested publicity, nor neither is a version of limited test. You should not even introduce your electronic mail address: it is completely gratuitous, to use, to copy and to freely distributed.

All the versions of PortableApps have an access menu to the applications, and a copy function of security. The package includes the following programs:

  • Mozilla Firefox, portable Edition (web navigator)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird, portable Edition (electronic mail)
  • Mozilla Sunbird, portable Edition (calendar and tasks organizer)
  • Portable ClamWin (antivirus)
  • Portable Pidgin (instantant messenger)
  • Sumatra Portable PDF (reader PDF)
  • KeePass Password Portable Safe (countersigns administrator)
  • Portable Sudoku (game)
  • Mine-Perfect Portable (game)
  • Portable CoolPlayer (áudio reproducer)
  • Portable OpenOffice.org (ofimatic package)
    • Writer (word processor)
    • Calc (calculation sheets)
    • Impress (presentations)
    • Base (database)
    • Draw (drawings)

As you will be able to see, the list is very complete. Safely, PortableApps is an extremely interesting option when you cannot work in your desk computer.

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