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Download Pixel Gun 3D on PC

How to enjoy Pixel Gun 3D on a computer, and how it operates? This is seriously the question posed by lots of internet users who just wish to enjoy the game that has to turn out to be one of the greatest video games of the moment. Pixel Gun 3D is certainly a fabulous game offered totally free on Android mobile devices.

Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer FPS with a visual style very similar to Minecraft, where each player can edit and create their own character with the editing tools that the game brings with it.

It also has several game modes, where players can participate and have fun. The main one is the "team fight" mode, where the team who gets the most kills for their enemies will win. It also has the "battle for time" mode, in which you will have to kill monsters to get points and, the more powerful the monsters are, the higher are the points you will get. The player who accumulates the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. Another of the online game modes offered by Pixel Gun 3D is "deadly games," a mode where each player will start on a map with other users, each with a chest in front of their avatar. The idea is to break the chest where the weapons are and kill the other players with them.

The game also has other game modes, such as "capture the flag," "duel to the death," and others designed to be played offline, such as the story mode, where the player will assume the role of the protagonist "pixel man" to complete the history of the game. Other offline modes are "parkour challenge" and "survival." In the game, users will have a fairly large number of weapons at their disposal, which are divided into 6 different categories. Weapons can be purchased for gems or coins, with prices that can vary depending on the player's level of quality. The game has a simple aesthetic and is a lot of fun, thanks to its wide variety of maps and elements.

That is a guide upon the best way to set up and run Pixel Gun 3D on laptops or computers, employing a software package named LDPlayer, an Android Laptop or computer emulator. As many discover Pixel Gun 3D, right now, we will see the best way to get for PC the most up-to-date version of Pixel Gun 3D within a hassle-free and rapid solution for 100 % free.


To start enjoying Pixel Gun 3D with your mates, these people have to obtain the same version of the game. This is without a doubt highly appropriate to continuously be up to date and download the most up-to-date version of Pixel Gun 3D.

Download Game on PC

Guidelines to run Pixel Gun 3D on Personal computer for nothing

  1. The primary thing to have fun with Pixel Gun 3D is to enter the LDPlayer formal site. At that place, you will have all of the important tips in relation to the strengths of the emulator for Android apps. Among its positive aspects are the speed and convenience of the settings.

  2. To start, you will have to press the button Download Pixel Gun 3D on PC. As you press it, the download hyperlink will save a .exe computer file.

  3. Any time the download is complete, you open the downloaded archive, and consequently, you might be requested to consent to the Microsoft Windows permissions. Basically, click on the « Yes » option.

  4. And then, that LDPlayer installer opens, and you hit the Install, Now button so that the emulator set up can begin.

  5. At this moment, the download and setup process will begin. It will download quite a few hundred MegaBytes then carry on with the setup phase, which is going to require more or less time determined by the performance of the Personal Computer. In addition to the setup task, the download action can also take some time, so be patient.

  6. That will instantly start the LDStore, which is a kind of Google Play. You will close that LDStore, as that is not the best technique to set up the Pixel Gun 3D.

  7. To help you open Google Play, we will visit the System Apps folder located on the emulator desktop, and here we click on the Play Store icon.

  8. A window about Google Play will show up, exactly where you have to left-click on the option to Sign In because that's compulsory to get the game.

  9. Click on Sign In, and consequently, in the following window, that will ask you to enter your Google Play email & password. Fill out your data, which could possibly be your YouTube account, Gmail, or simply any other Google service.

  10. Accept the terms of service & just click on that Continue button.

  11. Immediately after logging into Google Play, you will also get a short mail from Google telling you that a new device has reached your Google service account. It is OK as LDPlayer is actually a different Android device, for instance, a mobile phone or a tablet.

  12. The moment you have completed these simple steps, head over to the LDPlayer desktop by simply pressing on the app icon in the lower right corner of the window.

  13. Right now, let's look at Google Play, and at that point, we are going to benefit from the applications and games search engine to locate « Pixel Gun 3D. » Click on the 1st result, and after that, in the new window, just click on the Install button.

  14. After these simple steps, the game is going to be downloaded, & you will be prepared to enjoy Pixel Gun 3D on a Computer.

  15. To successfully open the game, you will need to go to the Google Android OS emulator desktop & click on that new app icon that has been created.

  16. While you access LDPlayer, you are going to be ready to change the keyboard configuration and adjust it to your liking. At the same time, you are able to set the emulator to full screen by pressing the key F11 on your keyboard.

  17. The language of the game is the same language as your Microsoft Windows. If you desire, you can modify the language for any other. In order to perform this, you are required to head to the cogwheel that appears at the bottom right of the Android emulator and head to Preferences. A menu will show up where you can decide on the needed language. Both the emulator for Android apps and the game will adjust to the selected language.

The moment the set up of the emulator for Android apps on your PC is done, you can begin enjoying the game.

Video Tutorial

Right here is our video guide to make sure you can also follow the step-by-step from this manual more comfortably:

Minimum requirements to run Pixel Gun 3D on Personal PC

To download and run Pixel Gun 3D on a Personal PC, we have used the LDPlayer emulator for Android apps which requires your computer or laptop to own as a minimum the below factors:

Recommended requirements to run Pixel Gun 3D on Personal PC

If your PC is effective enough, you are going to really enjoy better graphics and consequently a smoother experience. For Pixel Gun 3D to launch effectively on your PC, you must absolutely meet the following specifications:

Usual problems and errors while playing Pixel Gun 3D on a Personal PC

Error: LDPlayer remains at 94% 50% 30%.

When launching the emulator for Android apps, it's possible that the progress bar gets stuck in a percentage, for instance, 94%, and does not progress. If it happens to us, we must disable the Microsoft Windows antivirus and attempt again.

Whenever we are unsuccessful in disabling the anti-virus, we must definitely be sure that the Microsoft Windows drivers are 100 % up to date.

Last but not least, you can all the time generate a completely new instance of the emulator for Android apps utilizing LDMultiplayer.

If you desire to find out more info on the earlier mentioned techniques, I reveal to you that video on our YouTube channel:

Error: Google Play does not start

If, when starting Google Play, it stays in the actual message Checking Info, it is quite likely this is a one-time error, and if we try to login again after two or three hours, the problem might have been solved. If not, we must set up an older version of LDPlayer, that could resolve this problem.

Error: While starting up Pixel Gun 3D, a black screen shows up

Once hitting the Pixel Gun 3D icon, we've got to proceed to the emulator for Android apps configuration if your emulator for Android apps shows a black screen. In the Advanced section, we should choose almost any image resolution with the exception of the only one we already have chosen. We click the Save button, and so we must definitely restart the emulator for Android apps.

As soon as the emulator for Android apps has been re-booted, it is quite likely that this black screen will disappear completely, not to mention Pixel Gun 3D will start in the correct way. If the black screen still appears, we will have to decide on a different screen resolution and restart just as before.

Alternative emulators

Though LDPlayer is definitely the preferred emulator for Android apps for trying to play Pixel Gun 3D on a Laptop computer, you may want to try some other emulators that could possibly work considerably better on a computer. We recommend you consider the following other possibilities:

    Supported OS

    The LDPlayer emulator for Android apps is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1. So you will be capable of enjoying Pixel Gun 3D on many of the previously-mentioned Windows systems.

    Run other Android video games on LDPlayer

    Now, not only can you play Pixel Gun 3D on a Personal PC, yet you can start to play other game titles on your personal machine because of the emulator for Android apps. What follows is a list of app games you can appreciate on a Home computer easily and also simply:

    Final remarks

    As you'll discover, we can quite simply have fun playing the game on a Computer system, utilizing a keyboard and mouse, and taking advantage of it on the big screen on any PC. LDPlayer will give us the potential to have fun with this superb game on our Windows home PC.

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