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Picture Cutout Guide is the free application that will help you to cut out objects from photographs and separate them from their original background.

Picture Cutout Guide allows you to eliminate the background of an image and to take out the main object you have chosen. In this way, you will be able to cut out people or objects and place them in a new background, different from the one in the original photograph.

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Picture Cutout Guide is easy to use: you choose a broad tip brush to mark the silhouette of the object you want to separate, make a click on the Separate button to see the selection, and finally, you apply the effect.

With Picture Cutout Guide you can’t only make photo montages, but also improve the photographs quality by adjusting the brightness and contrast, add texts and combine different effects.

For you to get an excellent result it is better to use photographs in which the edges of the object you want to cut out are rather clear and not blurred. In any case, Picture Cutout Guide is really effective and it detects accurately the shapes you marked.

Picture Cutout Guide is an advisable program to those people who don’t know much about images editing, but who like making collages or creating new images with their photographs. It comes with a complete user manual to make our task easier, and on Picture Cutout Guide website you can watch a useful video on how to use this application.

by Augusto Baldi

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