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          Pages is a word processor that works as a unique application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

          Pages belongs to the set of iWork productivity, along with Keynote and Numbers, created by Apple. This is an alternative to the familiar Word, Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

          In short, Pages is a text editor to compose various documents, such as brochures, posters, resumes, reports, letters and invitations. Allows adding pictures and graphics to make the documents more attractive and interesting.

          Pages includes 16 templates of documents with which to work. In all typography, font colors and backgrounds are combined according to the rules of graphic design to give a sleek, professional look to all documents.

          The graphical interface of Pages has a page navigator that offers a preview of each miniature sheet, facilitating navigation between the pages of the document. This application also incorporates a novel feature: record and typing, just dictate what you write and Pages transforms it into typed text.

          In addition, Pages lets you add dynamic graphs and charts in 3D, change the line spacing, convert text to columns, comment, create bulleted and numbered lists, correct words and many other standard features of a text editor.

          Pages can import on any device iOS documents created in Word on your computer, be it Mac or Windows, and continue working on them. Supports DOCX, DOC and TXT files as input and can export documents to PDF, DOC and Pages '09.

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