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          OptimUSB is an application that helps in the cleaning of temporary files of USB disks and memory cards.

          OptimUSB suppress all temporary files that the operating system generates in the USB. This way, OptimUSB optimizes the output and use of a removable disk or memory card.

          It is usual that when using an USB in two computers with two different operating systems, they generate temporary files that soon become a nuisance within the unit and which is totally useless.

          For example, it is very common to use an USB in Macintosh and later, when you want to use it in Windows; you find files like .DS store, .Trashes and Thumbs.db. Although they occupy little space in disk, these files are an annoyance. OptimUSB turns out a very useful tool to clean USB disks of this type of files.

          Extremely easy to use OptimUSB is executed by clicking twice on the icon of the application. It is only available for Macintosh operating system and it is an application developed by the Spanish Diego Arráez.