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Naevius USB Antivirus is an application specialized in scanning and revising any USB that you plug in your computer, to block or unblock any virus, Trojan or malicious infection that you wish to be incorporated to your device.

The cases of infections by USB are too many, since this device is used to take some information that should be portable, and to transfer this information to another computer and if the first device was contaminated by some Trojan, certainly when you insert the USB device into another computer, this one as well will acquire the infection.

With Naevius USB Antivirus, it will be the end of this absurd infections chain. USB memories can store information, but they are limited to accomplish its job without omitting the viruses, letting them pass from one computer to another. Its installation is very simple; you only have to follow the same steps to install any kind of application. Its handling is very simple and of course, since its function doesn’t require a lot of manipulation.

In Naevius USB Antivirus interface you will be able to see the USB devices you have connected to the computer and the program opens immediately, this tool identifies them and at the same time scans them informing you about the viruses your storage device has. It works with several icons in the upper bar to make changes and in the right column the main functions as: reset, protect, explore memory and safe removal.

With Naevius USB Antivirus, you will be able to get rid for once and for all of the malicious files that enter constantly into your storage device. For your comfort, With Naevius USB Antivirus will always be in the task bar as a little icon.