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Download My Talking Tom Friends on PC

How to enjoy My Talking Tom Friends on a laptop or desktop, and how it operates? This is actually often the topic posed by many individuals who just want to have fun with a game that has turned out to be one of the best game titles of this time. My Talking Tom Friends is a fabulous app game available for free on Android mobile devices.

My Talking Tom Friends is another version in the Talking Tom franchise. Like other games in this series, this one has nice 3D graphics but focuses more on a child audience.

This single title brings together all the protagonists of the saga in the same game. It’s possible to take care of this great variety of characters simultaneously: Tom, Angela, Ginger, Ben, Hak, and Beca, who are now living in the same house. The game system is very similar to the previous installments, with one big difference, and that is that now it’s possible to interact with all of them just by pressing the portrait of the characters and taking them anywhere in the house, such as the dressing room, the kitchen or the yard. It will also be possible to customize all the elements found in the house, and the characters also have a great capacity for customization. It’s possible to change the aesthetics and decoration of the living room totally, choose different furniture for the kitchen, or even give the garden a unique look. You can also explore various parts of the city, each with its own unique characteristics.

The game has a small open-world located in the house and garden, where pets can interact with most of the objects found there, such as the kitchen or plants. You can even feed them any kind of food and give them medicine if they get hurt. Small missions can be carried out, and there are also all kinds of mini-games such as those that take place in the pool, puzzles, or discover all kinds of toys.

It is definitely a short training about precisely how to set up and have fun My Talking Tom Friends on PC, employing a software package called LDPlayer, which usually is without a doubt an Android os PC emulator. As nearly all discover My Talking Tom Friends, at this point, we should discover a way to access for Computer the latest version of My Talking Tom Friends through a straightforward and even extremely fast solution for free of charge.


To commence using My Talking Tom Friends with your pals, folks have to obtain the identical version of the app game. That is tremendously appropriate to continually be kept up to date and as well obtain the most up-to-date version of My Talking Tom Friends.

Download Game on PC

Simple steps to run My Talking Tom Friends on PC at no cost

  1. The first point to enjoy My Talking Tom Friends is to visit the LDPlayer public site. Here, you will definitely obtain all of the essential tips about the advantages of this emulator for Android apps. Among its benefits are the quickness and convenience of the control buttons.

  2. To commence, you need to click on this button Download My Talking Tom Friends on PC. When you press it, the download clickable link will save a .exe archive.

  3. Any time the download is done, you click the downloaded computer file, and thus you might be invited to consent to the MS Windows permissions. Click on the « Yes » option.

  4. Then, this LDPlayer installer opens up, and then you press the Install Now button to commence the emulator setup.

  5. At this moment, the download and setup process is going to commence. It will likely download numerous hundred MegaBytes and, after that, proceed with the setup step, which usually shall need more or less time depending on the performance of your PC. The download action, along with the setup task, can also take some time; thus, be rather patient.

  6. This will immediately open the LDStore, and this is a kind of Google Play. I will close this LDStore since this is not the perfect technique to set up the My Talking Tom Friends.

  7. To help you start the Google Play, we can browse to the System Apps folder based on the emulator desktop, and here we mouse click on the Play Store icon.

  8. A window about Google Play will appear, just where you should mouse click on the option to Sign In since that's compulsory to access the app game.

  9. Mouse click on Sign In, and consequently, in the coming window, this will definitely invite you to fill in your Google Play email & password. Fill out your info, which usually could possibly be your YouTube account, Gmail, or simply any other Google tool you use.

  10. Consent to the terms of service and then click on this Continue button.

  11. After logging into Google Play, you will certainly be sent a brief e-mail notifying you that a fresh smartphone or tablet has reached your Google Play account. That is not an issue as LDPlayer is actually a different Google Android system, like a cellular phone or Android tablet.

  12. When you have accomplished these actions, head over to the LDPlayer desktop by simply clicking or double-clicking on the application icon in the lower right corner of the window.

  13. Right now, we should visit Google Play, and from there, we gonna benefit from the applications and games search engine to find « My Talking Tom Friends. » Mouse click on the very first result, then in the new window, just click on the Install button.

  14. Just after all these actions, the app game will definitely be downloaded, & you will be capable of having fun with My Talking Tom Friends using a laptop or personal computer.

  15. To successfully start this app game, you will need to visit the Google OS emulator desktop & basically click on this new application icon that has been created.

  16. Once you get into LDPlayer, you'll be ready to change the keyboard configuration and modify it to your needs. Furthermore, you can easily set the emulator to full screen by pressing the key F11 on a keyboard.

  17. The language by default of the application game is normally the exact same language of your MS Windows. In case you want, you can adjust the language for any other. To be able to accomplish this, you need to move to the cogwheel that is located at the bottom right of the Google Android emulator and, after that, move to Preferences. A selection menu will be available by which you have the ability to decide on the needed language. Both the emulator for Android and the app game will switch to the picked language.

As soon as the setup of the emulator for Android on your laptop or computer is done, you can commence having fun with the app game.

Video Tutorial

Below is a video training to make sure you can now follow the step-by-step on this tutorial more quickly:

Minimum requirements to run My Talking Tom Friends on Personal PC

To download and run My Talking Tom Friends on a Personal PC, we have selected the LDPlayer emulator for Android, which usually expects your personal computer to own as a minimum the below factors:

Recommended requirements to run My Talking Tom Friends on Personal PC

If your Personal computer is recent enough, you'll really enjoy far better graphics and consequently a more stable experience. To get My Talking Tom Friends to work well on your Personal computer, you must absolutely comply with the following prerequisites:

Usual problems and errors while using My Talking Tom Friends on Personal PC

Error: LDPlayer stops at 94% 50% 30%.

When starting up the emulator for Android, it will be entirely possible that this progress bar can get stuck in a percentage, for example, 94%, and does not move forward. If it happens to us, we should turn off the MS-Windows antivirus and then try once more.

If we don't turn off the antivirus software, we need to make sure that the MS-Windows drivers are totally updated.

Finally, we can all the time build a fresh instance of your emulator for Android using LDMultiplayer.

If you desire to find out more info on the earlier mentioned techniques, I give you that video on the YouTube channel:

Error: Google Play fails to start

In the event, when running Google Play, it stays in a message Checking Info, it's possible that it is a one-time issue; when we try to log in once more after two or three hours, the problem happens to be fixed. If not, we have to set up an older version of LDPlayer, that could fix this matter.

Error: Once starting up My Talking Tom Friends, a black screen comes up

While pressing the My Talking Tom Friends icon, we must proceed to the emulator for Android configuration if the emulator for Android shows a black screen. In the Advanced section, we must pick pretty much any screen resolution aside from the actual we presently have opted for. We click the Save button, and so we ought to restart the emulator for Android.

As soon as the emulator for Android has been rebooted, it is possible that your black screen will disappear completely, not to mention My Talking Tom Friends will probably run effectively. If your black screen is still present, we will definitely have to decide on an alternative screen resolution and also restart once again.

Alternative emulators

Although LDPlayer stands out as the recommended emulator for Android for trying to play My Talking Tom Friends on a Laptop computer, you might like to consider different emulators that could possibly perform far better on a laptop or computer. We propose you test the following alternatives:

    Supported Computer Operating Systems

    The LDPlayer emulator for Android is compatible with the following OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1. So you will be capable of experiencing My Talking Tom Friends on many of the preceding-mentioned Windows systems.

    Run other Android game titles on LDPlayer

    Today, not only can you have fun playing My Talking Tom Friends on a Personal PC, having said that, you can start to play additional video games on your PC thanks to the emulator for Android. Here's a list of app games that you can have fun with on PC very easily & simply:

    Closing tips

    As you'll discover, we can effortlessly have fun with the app game on your PC, with a keyboard and mouse, and taking advantage of it on the big screen on pretty much any Laptop or Desktop computer. LDPlayer will offer us the potential to have fun with this great application game on our Windows laptop or computer.

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