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George Taylor
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MP3 Tag Express serves to tag, rename and organize our digital music library.

It is quite likely that we have a lot of mp3 music files or other format. We can organize songs files manually, creating folders and naming or renaming files. Doing that is tedious and slow. MP3 Tag Express allows us to save hours of work because it organize music library in a fast way.

Using this software is very simple. We first chose the directory or directories where our music collection is located. Then we can use multiple options to rename and label the songs. We can edit files one by one, or edit them in batch. We can modify, among others, the following tags: artist, album, title, track number, composer, genre, etc. Rename the files is simple and can be done in few seconds, obtaining in this way a well organized music library.

The software comes with interesting features and other options. The program can search the data of the songs on the Internet and automatically fill that information into the tags on the files. If there is a song which we can't obtain information, the program can "hear it" and try to recognize that song. If it recognize the song, it displays information relating to it, such as: title, author, album, lyrics, cover of the disc, etc.

Another option that is appreciated, is the ability to search the lyrics of the songs and store them, and print them or save them in a text file. Thanks to this, and the option to retrieve discs or albums covers from our collection of music, we will have a complete database full of information related to our music library.

MP3 Tag Express recognizes the following audio files: mp3, wav, wma, flac and m4a. The program is paid and you can try demo version for a week .