Mixxx 2.1.3 improvements


Mixxx 2.1.3 create your own mixes like a professional DJ

Mixxx is a free software that allows you to mix music thanks to its virtual turntables that allows you to control the pitch, cues, and the sound equalization, among many other things. With this software you can also use Hardware controllers from Pioneer, Numark, Hercules DJ, and many others. Musical library is something that stands out of this program, because we can organize and quickly search for any song stored on the high performance database.

You can download the latest version of MIxxx for Windows from our website Usitility.

Mixxx 2.1.3 release changes and improvements

This latest version brings some improvements, that fixed bugs from previous versions:

  • Fixes the severe slowness on Windows with 2.1.2.
  • Solved the problem "Unable to install on ubuntu 16.04 - unmet dependencies"

These are the improvements that are discussed in the official forums, although there are probably others that have not been commented on. So we're going to detail the 2.1.2 Mixxx improvements:

  • Allow maximum deck speed of 4x normal
  • Don't always quantize hotcues, a 2.1.1 regression
  • Fix artifacts using more than 32 samplers
  • store No EQ and Filter persistently
  • Pad unreadable samples with silence on cache miss
  • Fixing painting of preview coloumn for Qt5 builds
  • LateNight: Fix play button right click
  • LateNight: Added missing sort up/down buttons
  • Fix sampler play button tooltips
  • Shade: remove superfluid margins and padding in sampler.xml
  • Deere: Fix background-color code
  • ITunes: Don't stop import in case of duplicated Playlists

You can read more information about this latest update in the official forum of the program: https://mixxx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11761

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