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Messenger Plus Live is a little utility that acts as a Windows Live Messenger extension and has as its goal improving its application functions as well as its user services.

There are a lot of advantages when using Messenger Plus Live, for instance, for those who has lots of Windows Live accounts, Windows Live Messenger gives you the possibility to open lots of accounts in the same application, which is good since to get it is not necessary to use some file that can damage our operative system.

Other functions as for example chat with a lot of contacts in a single window, but with each user in a different lash in the same chat window; it is also possible to send sound effects to users, to change its skin, to revise chat historic, among other functions, that is what offers Messenger Plus Live to improve our chat system.

An interesting function is that we can revise each contact condition, seeing who has blocked or has been blocked by us, what is good because if you do it with Messenger Plus Live your privacy will be safe since you don’t have to use external services where they ask for our passwords, which we shouldn’t do under any circumstance.