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KeyboardTools is a multiplatform application to gain some skills in the execution of musical instruments with keys.

KeyboardTools executes the piano, the electrical keyboard, the vibraphone, the marimba, the accordion and the xylophone. You can only find it in English or French, and you can also download from the net a free version of the program for 15 days in order to try it.

KeyboardTools will let you gain some skills and knowledge in the execution of scales and strains. Moreover, the program has several features that you can personalize and adapt to your liking.

The graphic interface is simple and has many colors in KeyboardTools to make it easier to use this software. Once executed the program, you will see the screen divided into two.

In the upper screen, you will find the menu of the program and three tabs for scales, strains and customization, respectively. In the lower screen, you will find the options for tonality and strains in order to play music. The colors will be very helpful, and KeyboardTools allows you to print these guidelines.

In the lower part of the screen of KeyboardTools, you will have a keyboard that you can adapt according to your point of view: you can choose to see only some keys or all of them together.

Now you have to start practicing and gaining some musical skills in order to be a great keyboardist!