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HyperSync Cloud is a program that download automatically all multimedia, images, videos and audio files, from HyperSpin and Emumovies servers

HyperSpin is a system that allows us to play various emulators using the same interface. This system also has the possibility to display an image and video of selected games, so we can see a preview of the game without playing it, because when the game is selected, we will see the image and video preview.

The configuration of HyperSpin is complex and unintuitive. The settings related to the multimedia files is relatively simple, but it can be a heavy task, because we have to download one by one the related media files of each game, which can become an endless task.

In order to make easier this task, there is the program called HyperSync Cloud, making use of an account of HyperSpin and another of Emumovies, it allows us to download automatically all multimedia files of each game added in HyperSpin.

The first thing we need to do is enter the login details of each paid accounts of HyperSpin and Emumovies. Then, we need to configure the directory where multimedia files will be downloaded, and after that we have to configure the options for each system available in HyperSpin.

When everything is configured correctly, click on “Sync->Begin Sync” button, and the download of all video, image, and audio files for each ROM available will start automatically.

The download of all of these files can take quite a long time, for sure it can download several Gigabytes of videos and pictures files. Because of that, the program incorporates a option to limit the bandwidth used to download these files. Thanks to that, we will be able to download all of these files without interfering with our habitual use of the Internet.

As we can see, this simple program makes it much easier to download all multimedia files. Thanks to that, HyperSpin system will show video games images and videos, which greatly improves the visual appearance and navigation of this front-end.