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Guitarz! is an application to practice guitar skills with the computer.

Guitarz! is a software designed for those who have basic knowledge of guitar and want to become more skilled with this musical instrument.

Guitarz! includes tutorials and files that help understand the functioning of the program and aid in getting a lot out of it. It is advisable to read this tips first (they are in English,) before using the program, because there are functions that require adjustments (of volume and channel, for instance.) In this way, you will also make the most of your practice and will not lose time.

With Guitarz! You will:

  • Obtain chords and scales diagrams.
  • Find a chord and view up to six variations of it on the screen.
  • Present a scale in any tone and tuning.
  • Listen to and see the notes played for any scale or chord.
  • Save the groups of chords or scales to a file to recover it later.
  • Design any chord in any tuning.
  • Create chord progressions with the ones included in Guitarz! or create them yourself.
  • Play a song and view the arpeggios played on the fretboard.
  • Download ASCII files with tunes from the Internet or create them with your own songs.

Guitarz! offers a free 20-day trial and then, if useful for the user, can be bought at a very low price.