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Guitar FX Box is a software program to practice the abilities with the electric guitar and to process its sound.

Guitar FX Box is transformed into a powerful sound processor in real time, to take the best out of electric guitar chords or the bass. Through its graphic interface the effects you want to apply are activate by clicking on Start. Then you only have to connect the guitar and the microphone to the sound card and enjoy this experience as if it were connected to the pedal board.

Each one of the effects of Guitar FX Box can be configured and adapted to user requirements.Effects of saturation and distortion, amplifier and speaker simulator, eco, pitch shifter, reverb, wah-wah, chorus, tremolo, equalizer controls, compressor, Phaser, VolumeSwell, are included. And these effects can be applied to the guitar and the voice as well as other components.

Guitar FX Box interface panel is descriptive, intuitive and friendly, making it easy to surf among the wide range of effects and options settings. It can also read and write prerecorded WAV files, so you can bring your WAV files to Guitar FX Box or create your own.

Guitar FX Box is a paid program; however, you can download a 30-day trial demo from the official website of the application. If you are a guitar fan you will want to evaluate Guitar FX Box and know if you can squeeze some juice out of this program.