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    Do you consider yourself a movie lover and have many movies stored on your computer? Then it could be of enormous interest to you to enjoy an application like Griffith, thanks to which you will be able to have your library completely organized so that you are not wasting time when you want to watch one of your favorite tapes, nor do you have to search for more information about them manually.

    It is not by chance that Griffith is called Griffith, but it is the name that the developers have chosen as a tribute to one of the first great film directors in history. Beyond this colorful fact, we must point out that we are in the presence of a complete platform, thanks to which we will be able to create a database of all our movies with relevant information.

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    One of the best features we have verified in our tests with Griffith is that the program does not discriminate when dealing with content, allowing us to work with different formats. That is to say, it doesn't matter if the movies you have stored have been saved in one format or another, but in its library, all of them will appear without any distinction.

    That is to say, Griffith works as a catalog, allowing us to add all the tapes stored on our computer and then connect to the databases uploaded to the Internet to complete all the information about them. That is to say; you will be able to add the main elements of each film, such as its original or translated title, its director, the year it was released, the cast, etc.

    On the other hand, we also liked to see that, unlike what happens with other similar utilities, thanks to Griffith, we can export all that data to manage them in any way we want later. To give you an idea, thanks to this application, some of the formats in which you can export movie information are HTML and PDF, two of the most famous today.

    Even if you have physical movies and have lent them to an acquaintance or friend, you should know that Griffith has a specific section where you can add that person's data to remember to whom you have lent the tape. This can be extremely interesting if we have many films at home, and we have lent several of them because you will surely know that they can get lost if we do not keep track of them.

    And from which specialized websites can I add information to the movies that are part of Griffith's catalog? Well, from the main ones, we could mention without any doubt some like Filmaffinity, AnimeDB, or IMDB. In this way, all you have to do is search for the name of the movie in question, and once you have found the data, download it to complete your library.

    In addition to everything we have said, Griffith has an integrated search engine. This function cannot be missing when we talk about this type of application since it is essential to find the tape we are interested in without wasting time. If you are tired of wasting half the movie time looking for it, you will no longer have to worry about it.

    Griffith's user interface stands out above all for its simplicity, which makes it easy for novices who have never tried similar software before, but on the other hand, it also leaves us wanting more. This kind of application is often well done from the visual point of view, and in this case, we are in the presence of a utility that looks like one more, not related to the world of the big screen.

    If we mention Griffith's main strong points, we will have to talk about its ability to automatically fill in the files, even from databases of sites from different countries. We can also download the covers of other films, track borrowed movies, or take advantage of its integrated search engine to avoid wasting time watching a film.

    The worst thing about Griffith, in case we have to dwell on some aspects that we may not have liked too much, is related to the interface, and although it is not bad, there are many better ones in the same segment. At times, we have been left feeling that for the application's potential, the user interface does not do it justice because although it is intuitive and straightforward, it is nothing out of the ordinary.

    In conclusion, we can say that Griffith is a perfect application for movie lovers who have a considerable amount of physical and virtual tapes and want to keep them organized. This service has all the classic functions of its category plus some additional ones, such as the film loan tracker, so don't hesitate to try it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Griffith downloadable for Windows 10?
    Yes, this software can be downloaded and is compatible with Windows 10.
    What operating systems is it compatible with?
    This software is compatible with the following 32-bit Windows operating systems:
    Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Me, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98.
    Here you can download the 32-bit version of Griffith.
    Is it compatible with 64-bit operating systems?
    Yes, although there is no special 64-bit version, so you can download the 32-bit version and run it on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
    What files do I need to download to install this software on my Windows PC?
    To install Griffith on your PC, you have to download the griffith-0.13-win32.exe file to your Windows and install it.
    Is Griffith free?
    Yes, this program is free so you will be able to use it without any limitations, and without additional cost.
    Also, this software is open source, which means that you will be able to download the source code of the program, and if you are knowledgeable enough, you will be able to see how the software works internally and modify its functionality.
    Is it translated into English?
    Yes, the program is translated into English, so you will be able to enjoy its user interface fully translated into English.
    Are there alternatives and programs similar to Griffith?
    Yes, here you can see similar programs and alternatives.
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