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GdPicture.NET is a package of tools for development environments that support ActiveX, or .NET, and it includes images and PDF file manipulation functions.

If we are developing software or website and want our application to have certain features relating to images, we can choose to develop this functions ourselves, or use any external library. In this case, GdPicture.NET is a set of libraries that we can use to import into any project that makes use of ActiveX or .NET controls, as for example: VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, PHP, ASP, C#, and more.

There are many features we can add to our application thanks to this package libraries. Among others, we can add easily the following features:

  • Reading and creation of barcodes, both 1 d and 2D.
  • Create annotations in PDF files and images.
  • PDF file viewer.
  • Advanced image manipulation: resize, apply effects and filters, smoothing color and many more.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the text of documents and images.
  • Automatic identification of colors.
  • And many more.

This is a paid library and offers 30-day demo to test it. To make use of the demo, you will have to download the program, install it and run the file "licenseManager.exe", once inside Click the "Request a trial key" button, fill the form that appears and click on the "Send Request" button.

If we acquire a license, we may use any of the features included in the libraries in our projects, there is no limit in the number of projects in which we can make use of these libraries and functions.

The only restriction of this software is that you can't use the package GdPicture.NET in web pages open to the public. So you can only use it on web pages that are located on a private intranet and is not accessible online.