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          FretPet is a music sequencer aimed at guitarists and students of this stringed instrument.

          FretPet was originally conceived as a tool to make guitar chords and find the names of these. With no need to create a document you can generate chords, see all possible names, and see and hear all the fingerings on the neck of the guitar.

          FretPet focuses on six-string guitar, so that becomes an ideal reference tool to find the names of the chords on the neck of the guitar. The program can display any chord in any tuning. FretPet composition is built from small repeating sections.

          FretPet has free edit mode that allows full control of the movement to use it as an instrument of improvisation in a live performance. You can even make changes to any aspect of the composition without interruption in the flow.

          FretPet interface is dynamic and makes writing fun music and simple, making it an interactive learning application, combining education game. It is recommended for music students because it facilitates the discovery and exploration of harmonic relationships.

          FretPet can be used in conjunction with GarageBand, Reason, Absynth and FM7, plus a dozen synthesizers. You can also export MIDIfiles and QuickTime videos.