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Fotolia Desktop is a desk application from Fotolia international agency that looks for images, vector pictures and profile videos.

Have you ever wanted to look for images in order to illustrate a brochure, a presentation or final work and didn’t find the right one or with a good quality? You can gain access to a variety of good quality photos at a low price with Fotolia Desktop.

Fotolia buys, sells and distributes photographic, vector and video materials through its web site. In order to make us easier the task, it has launched Fotolia Desktop, which is an application that explores all the material in its data base and gives us the choice to acquire those profiles that we want.

Some of the images that you can find through Fotolia Desktop are free, although the most of the profiles are paid through the purchase with economical and affordable credits. Some images have free copyright and they are the ones which you can buy once and use every time you wish.

Once you install Fotolia Desktop you must create an account in order to can use it and have access to every photographic profile. In its interface you can create images galleries and make individuals or batch downloads.

Fotolia Desktop is a very useful application to everyone who wants to sell his photographies and doesn’t know how to do it in a particular way. And it is an especially practical tool to professionals who require of a big amount of images in order to make their jobs, whatever being designers or model makers, for graphic area or web sites.