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FlippingBook Publisher is an app that allows you to create electronic publications in a professional way.

With this software we can edit and create a clothing magazine, a music magazine or an e-book. All we need is the required content, either text, pictures or images and even videos. Once we collect all the content, we will be able to put it together in FlippingBook Publisher and give it the proper format so, final result will be a document where users can flip pages as if it were a real book.

The flexibility of this software allows us to use all kinds of files and documents to create our publications. In addition to images and videos, we can insert audio, flash animations and Web links, creating in this way a document fully interactive and usable. The program allows us to completely customise the style of our publication, thus achieving a sole and exclusive publication that differs from other publications created with the same software.

A very interesting option of FlippingBook Publisher is the possibility of including our e-shop shopping cart in the publication created. In this way the user can make the purchase without having to open a new browser and without leaving the publication, assuring us a better conversion rate and higher sales.

Once we have our publication ready we can create a distributable Windows file (.exe) or Mac file (.dmg), thus allowing installation on these computers. We will also have the option to save our publication as a HTML5 web page, so it can be viewed in any web browser, including mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android) browsers. In addition we can distribute our publication through the servers of Publ.com and make it accessible to everyone who has Internet connection.

The trial version allows us to create up to 10 pages and use 200 Mb space in Publ.com servers to distribute our publication. The trial last 30 days. Watermarks are also inserted along the pages to indicate that the software is not registered.

In the full version we can create up to 2000-2400 pages and it includes 400 Mb of space on the Publ.com servers.