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Fantashow is a complete program for creating multimedia slideshows from photos, video and audio.

With Fantashow can create a multimedia presentation from photos, audios and videos taken in birthday, wedding, holiday or any other event or time. Software is very easy to use and allows you to create modern and original presentations to share with family and friends, whether you have a Windows or Macintosh computer.

The interface is intuitive and easy, Fantashow easily import any image, audio file and video files to compose a presentation, thanks to the media browser that has incorporated the program. Just drag and drop to add files to the project in which you are working. To do this, Fantashow also has editing buttons easily accessible, such as editing, deleting and rotating.

Fantashow incorporates many styles or themes in his gallery, so you can choose between the ones you like to compose the presentation. These styles are applied automatically as you add files and if you want to change the style at any time you can do it with just drag and drop the item on the slides, as with the filters and other settings.

Fantashow offers basic editing of photos, videos and audios to further customize the end result still even has the ability to add text. Of course, you can export and save your work to share and preserve all precious memories in a media file.