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Eye Care 4 Us is a simple program that remember us to make a pause to rest our vision.

Many times we spend meny hours in front of computer's screen without blinking. It is appropriate to pause occasionally to rest the eyes and move the legs. Optical professionals recommend the method 20-20-20, this means rest 20 seconds every 20 minutes of work and look at 20 feet (6 meters) away. In this way our eyes will rest during the time we're using the PC.

Eye Care 4 Us can be configured to use the pattern 20-20-20 or we can set up our own pattern and enter the working time and rest time. When working time is over, the software will show a screen, which plays a soothing sound of rain and shows images of spectacular and beautiful places. Once finished the rest time, the program will no longer show the images and sound, and restart the countdown until we reach the next rest stop.

During the rest time we can perform some useful exercises to relax our eyes, like to put the palms of our hands over the eyes; look far and then close; make circles with eyes, or just look out the window and see people or cars passing.

The software is very simple and its use has no mystery, so we can use it from the minute one without any help.