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          Erol Singer's Studio is an app that helps us to improve the singing pitch.

          Thanks to computers it is possible to practice some vocal exercises to improve the quality of our singing. It is not necessary to have a piano or other instrument to accompany our training, thanks to computer programs, we will be able to perform vocal exercises accompanied by virtual instruments. This type of tools will help us to practice in any place and time, but keep in mind that never will be a substitute for a good teacher. This type of programs should be taken as an additional complement to the singing classes.

          Erol Singer's Studio is presented as a program that allows us to improve the singing pitch thanks to the vocal exercises included.

          When we start the app we need to choose our vocal range, we can choose between: bass, baritone, tenor, contralto, mezzo-soprano and soprano. If we don't know our vocal range, or if our voice span over several of the vocal ranges above, we can adjust our range by clicking on the green bubble that appears in the piano of the main screen.
          It's important to properly select the vocal range, as it will be used in the scales of the exercises. So if we choose a vocal range that goes from E2 (Mi2) to C4 (Do4), the notes of that vocal range will be used to play the exercises. In this way we will not be singing below or above our current vocal range.

          Once we've selected the vocal range we can start the training, to do this we must select the “Training” option.
          There are two main sections in the Training screen: Voice Training and Ear Training for Singers.

          Inside “Voice Training” there are different levels of difficulty: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. These programs are composed of different exercises tailored to the difficulty of the program. It is advisable to practice a complete program in each session, because in addition to vocal exercises the program includes warm-up and cool-down exercises.

          When we are going to start a voice exercise, we can play an example of how to perform the exercise. We can listen to the example sung by a female or male voice. This helps us to know how to sing the vowels. Also we can see a brief description of the exercise.

          To start with an exercise we need to press the “Play” button. Notes will start to play, and at the top of the screen, will appear in a series of blue bars. These bars represent the notes and its duration. We must sing the notes that are played by the piano. While we sing a line will be drawn representing the sound of our voice. This line allow us to we see a visual reference of the notes we are singing. This it is useful if we do not yet have a good ear to recognize if we are singing above or below the note played by the piano.
          The aim of the practice is to sing on pitch.
          During the exercice we can also see a music sheet score with the notes played by the piano.
          At the end of the exercise we'll receive a score according to how well we have fine-tuned.

          The vocal exercises included in Erol Singer's Studio are very varied and help us to train the tuning of different vowels, because the software uses different vowels in each exercise.

          Ear Training for Singers” is composed by distinct intervals, arpeggios, inversions, scales, and modes. In such a way that we can choose for example phrygian mode, and practice that scale singing any vowel we want. During the practice we will see a visual representation of each note we are singing.

          The software comes with limited exercises that we can expand by purchasing additional exercises.

          Without a doubt, this program is perfect for those who want to complement the singing lessons and improve the vocal pitch.