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    DuckDuckGo is a free search engine that respects the user's privacy because information doesn't save searches or profiles.

    Most Internet search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, track and collect information on our search and even on personal data. DuckDuckGo born with the aim of blocking these actions and allows navigation respecting our privacy.

    DuckDuckGo is an open source search engine that doesn't save the searches that we do through its interface. Its design is simple and minimalistic and offers well presented, clear results.

    The DuckDuckGo search engine uses the information in public places like Wikipedia, in order to increase the traditional results, improve the relevance and objectivity of the information, and avoid publicity as it does not collect personal user information.

    Most of the most popular search engines, including Google, gather information from the web pages you visit, the profiles we have in different places, what page we give our like or what our interests in general. When we look for a term or phrase the search engine results also offer considering these preferences. Thus, the results are rather biased and personalized, even influenced by advertising. DuckDuckGo does not do this, but bases its results on information sites and, of course, does not store your data or allow others to do so.

    As a bonus, resulting Search DuckDuckGo offers that you may find of interest, and also allows custom configuration of the search engine and save it to the cloud anonymously. It also has a large number of extras and add-ons for the search engine.