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Chord Charts Pro is an application to create diagrams of chords and scale for strings or keys instruments.

Chord Charts Pro generates diagrams for piano and guitar and other instruments of the family of these artefacts.

These diagrams support EMF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP formats. The wide options offered by Chord Charts Pro allow you to configure and design of each component of a diagram and save them with different configurations. Chords can be located in a tuning fork or on a keyboard or can be selected from a list of variations of different types of chords.

Some of the most remarkable features that owns Chord Charts Pro are:

  • The creation of chords and scales in graphics for guitar and piano, or similar.
  • The generation of an unlimited number of chains.
  • The storage of multiple by chord fingerings.
  • Creating and saving styles.
  • The generation and archiving of chords.
  • Library of chords.
  • Library of scales.

It is a paid program and from its official website you can only download the demo to evaluate the program. It is available only in two languages: English and German.

With the installation of Chord Charts Pro is also installed on the computer a complete and detailed tutorial in PDF that it is highly recommended that you read carefully before you start to use the program. In this way, you can get more out of Chord Charts Pro and enjoy their full potential