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Backup Cow is a tool that allows us to make backup and synchronize files between different computers.

Today it is quite common to have more than one computer in our house, for example: Windows to play videogames in PC, Mac Book Laptop to work at home, and iPad to browse while in the couch. Having more than one computer let us to enjoy more all taks related with computer's world. A disadvantage of this type of configurations is the difficult to make backups, since we must make backup copies of all our important documents of all computers, to prevent possible data loss.

Thanks to Backup Cow we can make backups of all our data stored in Windows or Mac computers, and also in our iPhone or iPad phones.

Backup data can be stored on other computers on the network, shared drives or network drives (NAS). Thanks to this, we can replicate our backups at various locations in our network and be sure that if there is some incident in any computer of our network, we will be able to retrieve the data from any other computer on the network.

Backups can be scheduled to run at the time that we want. We can also synchronize folders and files from different computers, and can have different exact copies locations on the network. If we want greater security in our backups, we can set password to backups files and these will be saved encrypted in such way that they can only be used if the backup password is known.

This software is perfect if we want to have a single solution for all our backups and synchronize all them. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS (iPhone and iPad), so it can be used in almost any computers and devices in our home or office.

This soft can be used for free indefinitely, but if you want to use without any limitations, you must to purchase a license.

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