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Advanced Net Tools is an integrated package of utilities for the network, it has no cost and it is essential for those who wish to control and to protect their equipment.

This application includes advance tools of port explorations, researches and requests for DNS answer, verification of shared resources and control of driving tables among others.

Each module allows making different analyses in a fast and efficient form, evaluating the security of the computer and generating very complete information.

With Advanced Net Tools it is possible to analyze the IP specific ports (or interval of ports) of direction (or interval of directions) by detecting opened ports to close them if it is necessary. It also allows verifying the computer in research of shared discs and devices with other equipment of the network. An imprudent policy of shared resources could have serious consequences for the security of the information.

The utility TraceRoute of Advanced Net Tools calculates the distance in jumps existing between the computer and the direction of destiny (this means the number of routers through where the packages of data will pass). With Ping Utility you will be able to modify the size, the time of life and the number of packages of answer request that will be sent.

Advanced Net Tools also elaborates complete information that show all the connections established with the equipment, and its status. This includes the applications that are in “listen” mode in the different assigned ports. Also it shows detailed information of a particular host or IP.

The graphical interface of Advanced Net Tools is simple and similar to the work space of Windows. The tables with data can be easily modified, adding or eliminating elements is as packages ARP, routes configuration and network adapters. Other options include the verification of commandos in open ports and the configuration of those servers.

The menus of Advanced Net Tools are quickly and accessible by pressing the icon in the tray of the system. This application contains the set of tools more complete than you can find in the network and in addition it is easy to use. The network administrators will find in her an essential ally at the time of controlling the security of their computer resources.