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Active DJ Studio is an ActiveX control that simulates a DJ set.

If we are developing a project that supports ActiveX controls (Visual Basic, Visual Studio.NET, Visual C++, etc), and want to add a complete set to mix music, we can use Active DJ Studio.

This ActiveX component can load and play two or more songs at the same time, since it simulates the turntables and mixers used by professional DJs. We can define several starting points (CUE points) in each song, modify the tempo of songs (BPM), equalize the mix, define the transition of songs, etc.

We will have a visual representation, in waveform, of each song that are playing, this way we can know if ths song ins going "up" or "down". Also there is the possibility of sending one of the songs to another output (normally connected to headphones) and thus hear the song in background and match the BPM of the main song, thus, creating mixes as if we're using real DJ decks.

We can also load each "virtual set" with a playlist and define how will be the transition between songs. Thus we can create a playlist for a party, and let this control mix automatically the songs.

This control ActiveX allows us to create more than two "virtual sets" and associate them with one or more sound cards.
Supports a lot of audio formats: mp3, wav, wma, ape, etc. We can also load streaming radios on the Internet, and we have the possibility of send our mix to streaming servers like ShoutCAST.
We can also play videos or use their audio in our virtual decks.

Once we install the program, Active DJ Studio ActiveX control will automatically be registered into the system, and we can add it to any of our projects.

Is paid Software and we can download demo version to test the performance and characteristics.